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    Rudra Abhishekh Puja



    Divine Rudrabhishek Puja

    Lord Shiva controls all the Nine Planets & Time. These include the Super-Villains amongst planets, i.e. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars. He also governs the Moon, which is the significator of mind. Hence by appeasing Lord Shiva, you gain clarity in mind, and so the troublemaker planets won’t bother you anymore.

    Rudra Abhishek is a ritual where Panchamrut Pooja is offers to lord Trimbakeshwara with powerful hymns/mantras to fulfil all the wishes of the person who gets it performed.

    This abhisheka bestows prosperity, fulfillment of all desires, it removes negativity, cut off the negative karma and give all round happiness in life.

    It is done for fulfilling our desires, and for prosperity. It is a very special type of pooja which is done by only Local Brahmins of the Trimbakeshwar at the temple .This bestows prosperity, fulfillment and give all aground happiness in life Abhisheka is perormed by Chanting the verses of Sanskrit sholakas (‘Suktas’) (Rudra )and simultaneously offering either holy leaves, holy water, honey, Milk, curd (yogurt), sugar, cane juice to Lord Trimbakeshwar.

    Importance and Significance of Rudrabhishek Puja

    Many vedic scriptures have stressed upon the Rudrabhishek Puja like the remover of all evils. All planets swaying people’s horoscopes have been born from the fury of Lord Shiva. thus if one wishes to try to to away with the ill effects i.e. Doshas of the planetary positions, one can positively do a Rudrabhishek Pooja. Two types of energies exist in our world — positive and negative. Positive energies exist within the sort of physiological state, happiness, love, joy and prosperity whereas negative energies exist within the delineation of ill health, depression and impoverishment. The Rudrabhishek Pooja helps in transforming these negative energies into positive ones.

    Benefits of Rudabhishek Pujar

    • Gain Health & Protection from incurable diseases
    • Experience Peaceful Mind & Overcome Fear & Phobias
    • Weaken the influence of unfavorable Planetary combinations
    • Gain Prosperity, Wealth & Progress faster by removing obstacles
    • Resolve issues related to childbirth & Progeny
    • Creating of happiness at palace.
    • Success in education, job and career.
    • Harmonious relationships.
    • Elimination of financial troubles.
    • Removal of doshas.
    • Bringing peace and harmony in our abodes.
    • Elimination of health connected problems.
    • Blessing a person with a healthy mind and positive spirit.

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