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    About Nakshatra Shanti Puja

    The purpose of Nakshatra Shanti Puja is to neutralize or dispel a malefic energy power of a malevolent nakshatra found in the birth chart of a new-born baby similar to its parents. In other words, when Nakshatra of a newborn child is similar in nature to that of his/her parents, then the infant is believed to be affected with malefic Nakshatra dosha. When nakshatra of a child matches with his mother and father’s nakshatra, then this celestial combination causes problems, not only in the life of the affected infant, but also in the lives of baby’s parents, depending on which type of one of the 27 Nakshatras is in question.

    In this context, Nakshatra Shanti Puja is a holy ritual conducted to absolve the affected persons (child and his parents) from the evil influence of Nakshatra Dosha.

    The position of lunar in Janma Nakshatra of a native/person at the time of his/her birth is the main reason that it casts off enormous celestial influences on the native’s personality, future, and overall physical appearance. In fact, Janma Nakshatra is a prime force in someone’s life, as it controls one’s thinking pattern and subconsciousness, which gives birth to varying influences in the personality of the person/native. If nakshatra is found to be malicious, bad results start to happen in the life of the affected individual. Therefore, Nakshatra Shanti Puja is a recommended remedy against inimical Nakshatra in a person’s Birth Nakshatra.

    Importance Of Nakshatra Shanti Puja

    The main importance of conducting Nakshatra Shanti Puja is to pacify the harmful effects of an evil nakshatra. This way, the affected person’s life is protected from experiencing the outcome of unhappiness and misery on the front of relationship, career, business, health, or in any aspect of his/her life. Sometimes, prevailing misfortunes in one’s life can be attributed to a malefic nakshatra. Therefore, its puja is suggested to be a great remedial measure to neutralize such an inauspicious impact of the hostile nakshatra.

    Benefits Of Nakshatra Shanti Puja

    • Nakshatra Shanti Puja is conducted to nullify the harmful effects of evil nakshatras in their main periods.
    • It strengthens the power of good luck of a native by releasing him/her from a malefic constellation trap.
    • Nakshatra Shanti Puja, when conducted in a purely ritualistic way with mantras and offerings, can boost up your inner power and confidence level.
    • Favorable results happen in your life.
    • Since nakshatra control’s a person’s thinking pattern and consciousness, therefore, puja dedicated to pacifying nakshatra can make the person positively-refined and optimistic.
    • Nakshatra Shani Puja helps you attain a tranquil mental status.


    The Indian Vedic astrology, since long, has been advocating the concept of ritualistic worship as the best remedial course of action to nullify the harmful effect of a malefic nakshatra. Therefore, Nakshatra Shanti Puja is conducted when a newborn baby’s Nakshatra and the Nakshatra of its parents are found to be similar. This sort of ritual is one of the well-regarded sacraments conducted with the sole purpose of defusing negative side-effects of a critically positioned nakshatra, so that the affected infant and its parents can get cured of its poisonous effects.

    The goal of conducting Nakshatra Shanti Puja is to placate the malevolent energy force of nakshatra using the divine power of mantras and various methods as advised by erudite pandits. We Astroguruvani also perform too many other important pujas i.e. Gandmool Shanti Nakshtra Dosh Puja, Puja for Health,  Navgrah (9 Planets) Puja, Hanuman Puja and Kaalsarp Dosh Niwaran Puja.

    Best premium astro-offers from the house of Astroguruvani, such as Gandmool Nakshatra Dosh Puja, Navgrah (9 Planets) Puja, Puja For Health, Kaalsarp Dosh Niwaran Puja. These services benefit you with spiritual refinement, success and prosperity in your life.

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