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Know About Lord Vishnu Puja

Vishnu Puja is sacred worship or reverence paid to the divine almighty of Lord Vishnu. Being one of the divine forms of Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh – Lord Vishnu is considered one of the most powerful and revered divine beings held in deep regard by his countless devotees from all over the world. Vishnu Puja holds its specific importance blessing the devotees with abundant peace, growth, and ceaseless prosperity. During Vishnu Puja, various types of offerings such as flowers, sandalwood paste, and so others are made, along with accouterments of different other things like Kalash, Ganga-water, Akshantas rice, and many more items.

Importance Of Vishnu Puja

Lord Vishnu emits the divine significance of being propitious. Such powerful is his might and divine aura that the very blessing of the divinity can transcend one’s life to countless positive ways. Vishnu Puja is considered very important, as the lord is believed to be the preserver of the universe. He is the one who blesses devotees with his kindness and divine power, and he is the supreme divine almighty who neutralizes evil force from the lives of devotees.

  • He ensures the protection of the universe
  • He guards his devotees against evil forces
  • He fought and defeated evil forces in several of his incarnations.
  • The auspicious results a devotee gets due to Lord Vishnu particularly on the day of Purnima becomes several folds.

Benefits Of Vishnu Puja

  • One of the greatest benefits of Lord Vishnu is that it blesses devotees with abundant peace and harmonious settlement in one’s life.
  • One achieves a ceaseless growth in one’s fortunes.
  • Prosperity never leaves in your life if you do Lord Vishnu puja with great faiths in the lord.
  • Devotees attending Lord Vishnu get salvation in their afterlife. This is one of the benefits accentuating the importance of Lord Vishnu among devotees.
  • Lord Vishnu neutralizes the evil effects of one’s past birth.


Lord Vishnu is one of the most important rituals recommended by pandits to gain divine favor of Lord Vishnu in one’s life. If done correctly under proper ritual manners, then Lord Vishnu can bless a devotee with abundant peace and prosperity. It is believed that Lord Vishnu emits the power as a great remedial measure against neutralizing the evil effect of bad karma from past birth. Besides, it enables devotees to become endeared to lord Vishnu and attain salvation in their afterlife. We at PavitraJyotish also organize Ganesh Puja and Puja of Health.

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